Social Media House Beat Battle II

July 18, 2019 At Social Media House, LLC

Event Details

Date: July 18, 2019
Location: Social Media House, LLC
Address: 670 Pine Aire Dr. - Bay Shore, Long Island
Website: http://events.smhmedia.com

After a long needed hiatus from the past battle at Social Media House, LLC in Bay Shore Long Island. The dust has settled in the arena and wounds have healed into deep scars. Working through their pain the producers have not lost their spirit. Now it is personal!

Each competitor chooses their rival in a competition beginning with a direct call out! If the chosen ones accept, there will be an evenly matched war between both one man armies. Implementing their weapons of choice with sufficient time to sharpen their instruments and reinforce their shields. Destruction is imminent!

Those who are worthy to compete must contact the ringmasters @socialmediahouseli

Current Competitors:



Written by Matt @socialmediahouseli
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