Social Media House Beat Battle I

April 24, 2019 At Social Media House

Event Details

Date: April 24, 2019
Location: Social Media House
Address: 670 Pine Aire Dr - Bay Shore, Long Island 11706
Website: http://events.smhmedia.com

Thanks to those who were blessed with being in the presence of, and witnessing the most memorable beat battle royale in Long Island history. Hosted in the coliseum of Social Media House, LLC  in Bay Shore, NY and on Instagram Live. Four skilled producers entered and only one was triumphant leaving with their dignity, townspeople’s respect, an ample cash prize and quite a few noblewomen’s means of communication.

The initial battle was one of the closest matches written in the annals of the days of the old. The nimble and cleaver @doccitybeats against the gigantic man @lx . Both battled with honor, but the people spoke as there can only be one winner. Doc City won by a fox’s hair at 51% vs 49%

Then the second round was an electrified match between the holy @ghost_the_kid and the venerable @akia . The Ghost was cast back to where he came from! Akia performed an exorcism with Ghost at a favor of 69% vs 31% as voted by their fellow Long Island villagers on Instagram Live.

Recovering from the beat bath, the final death round kept us at the edge of our seats between Akia and Doc City.  Ascension cannot last forever. Following the previous achievement Akia was eliminated by the undefeated champion contender Doc City by a landslide 74% to 26%. The Long Island public once again did not want to give up their ace.

As the votes tallied, complete pandemonium broke out where the barbaric @merge challenged the vicious @prophecy in a rap battle to end all rap battles! The carnage continued between the 2 rivals in their native tongues followed by a vote by their peers hailing from New York with Merge rising to the top ending with 74% vs 26% defeating Prophecy.

After Social Media House has scrubbed the ground of the shame, sweat and tears there will be another grisly event to proceed.

Written by Matt @socialmediahouseli

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